Cloud Accounting Software

It is important for all companies to keep a proper accounting and bookkeeping system. We highly recommend companies to take up a cloud accounting system that offers great benefits to businesses.

What is Cloud Accounting?
It’s the use of accounting software where both the software and the data is stored online. You can access it remotely from any device that has an Internet connection – allowing you to do your finances more freely.

Cloud Accounting Benefits

    • Flexible working – Manage your books anytime via remote access using multiple devices.
    • Up-to-date software – Working in the cloud ensures you’ve always got the latest features.
    • Work seamlessly – Pick up where you left off with the latest data on all your devices (Computer, mobiles devices etc.)
    • Real-time working – You and your accountant are always working from the same set of data.
    • Automatically backs up your data – Keeps your data safe and secure.
    • Bank level security – As with internet banking, all data transferred online is scrambled with 256 bit SSL encryption.

Quickbooks Online and Xero Cloud Accounting Software

Quickbooks Online and Xero Cloud Accounting Software are rapidly growing in popularity and becoming the top choices for SMEs for managing and streamlining bookkeeping operations. As qualified Quickbooks and Xero advisors, we have special corporate discounts and unlimited user licenses for clients who subscribed to the services through us. For our clients, we will also assist with the implementation of the accounting software.