Company and Personal Income Tax Filling

Company Income Tax

A Company must have efficient tax management as it will have a direct cash flow impact to the Company. Our tax consultants are qualified professionals to recommend the best tax strategies for your companies.

Estimated Chargeable Income Submission

ECI, also known as Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI), is an estimate of a Company’s chargeable income for a Year of Assessment (YA). Every Company is required by IRAS to submit an ECI within 3 months from the end of each financial year unless it is exempted.

Singapore Corporate Tax Filing Services

All companies must submit annual tax returns to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). The deadline to submit audited or unaudited accounts is 30 November annually. Singapore adopts the preceding year basis taxation. Therefore, the profits for the financial year ending in the preceding year will form the basis for filing the tax returns in the current year.

Singapore Personal Income Tax Filing Services

Singapore Tax adopts a progressive personal tax rates, relative to an individuals amount of income. It is mandatory under law to file for your annual personal tax returns to IRAS by 15 April of every year. IRAS diligently enforces the requirements relating to the filing of the personal tax.

The following is a fee guide of our tax services.

Tax Services
Corporate Tax Computation & Submission/Year250 (Form CS)450 (Form C)
Personal Income Tax Filing/Year
(Sole Proprietorship/Partnership)
300 to 600/year (depends on complexity and whether you are a
Resident or Non-Resident of Singapore)


Please note that this is only a guide as we will tailor the service to each individual client. We do not believe in one-size fits all and we strive to bring the best value possible to our clients.

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