DIY Step-By-Step Guide On Incorporation

Although we strongly encourage you to leave the incorporation task to our specialists, you can do your own incorporation if that is your preferred choice. We are more than happy to assist you on this and we have come up with the following step-by step incorporation guide to illustrate how to register a Company in Singapore and an easy-to-use 1st director resolution generator.

Company Pre-Registration Checklist

Before we get started with the incorporation process, please ensure you have all these information available.

  • Company Name
  • Nature of Business
  • Registered Address
  • Director(s) details (Minimum 1 local resident director. Details include NRIC, FIN or passport numbers, date of birth, contact number, email and residential address)
  • Shareholder(s) details (Minimum 1 shareholder)
  • Share Capital amount and allocation among shareholders (Minimum S$1 share capital)
  • A Singapore Registered Address
  • A Company Secretary


Company Name Registration

The 1st step of incorporation is to reserve your Company name. Choosing a suitable name is important as some words may require additional approval from ACRA and this will cause delay in the registration process. Please see the link for possible words that may be flagged out.

Additional approvals may take 14 days to 2 months to complete. Otherwise, the name is usually approved within the same day. The fee for name reservation is S$15.

Go to

1. Login using your Singpass or Corppass

2. At the bottom of the website, click “Local Company”


3. Click “Application for New Company Name” and “Next” in following page

4. Complete the information in the Company Name application form. Information required includes:

  • Company Type
  • Company Name
  • Primary and secondary(if any) business activities
  • Company Officer: Director and Shareholders details

Click “Submit” when done and proceed to pay the $15 name reservation fees.


Company Incorporation

After the name has been approved, you will receive an email with the transaction number. That is the number you require to start your incorporation.

1. Go back to your eServices page for Local Company

2. Click “Incorporation of Local Company”

3. Enter your transaction number and click “Next”

4. In the “Company details” tab, check the pre-inputted information is correct and add in your Company Secretary details under Company Officer. If you require us to act as your qualified Company Secretary, we are happy to provide this service to you. Kindly click here to appoint us and we will assist with the incorporation process as well for free.

5. In the “Share Capital Details” tab, please enter the total number and amount of shares of the Company

6. In the “Shareholder Details” tab, please input the number of shares allotted to each shareholders

7. In the “Registered Office and Constitution” tab, please enter your Company Registered Address, working hours and type of Constitution you prefer.

  • If you require a Singapore Registered Address for your Company, we are able to provide the service at $10 per month. Click here to subscribe.
  • If you do not need to make any changes to the default model constitution, select that option. If you need to customise your constitution, feel free to contact us for assistance.

8. Once all the tabs have been completed, click submit to process your incorporation.

9. You would be directed to a page that summarises all the formation of your Company. Do remember to click both “Print” and “Print Constitution” for a copy of both documents. Once done, you can proceed to confirm.

10. Make the payment to complete the incorporation process.

11. You should receive any email confirmation from ACRA on the incorporation of your Company. You can also download a copy of the business profile from the link in the email.

12. Lastly, a 1st director’s resolution has to be prepared by Company Secretary and signed off by the director(s) to complete the incorporation process. In order to assist you on that, we will provide you an easy-to-use generator in the link below. Simply complete the necessary fields and the generated resolution would be sent to your email.

We hope this guide has been useful to you and we look forward to work with you in future.