Setting Up a Company in Singapore

Private Limited Liability Company

In Singapore, the most common form of business structure is Private Limited Liability Company. It is a separate legal entity that protects the shareholder's personal wealth from debts incurred by the Company and it is the most efficient tax structure for a Singapore Company. Singapore has one of the lowest tax rates in the world and a new startup Company gets to enjoy up to $100,000 of tax exemption per annum for 3 consecutive tax years.

You may choose to engage our specialist to assist you in incorporating your Company. We will provide incorporation service at no service fees for you if you engage us as your Company Secretary. However, should you prefer to do your own incorporation, we have done up a simple DIY incorporation guide for you. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in it. An easy-to-use first director’s resolution generator is also available for you.

1) Engage us to incorporate your Company (Zero incorporation service fee)

2) DIY incorporation of a Private Limited Liability Company

Public Company Limited by Shares

Public Limited Companies are followed by the suffix ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’. They can get listed in the stock exchange and are required to submit a prospectus to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) before getting listed to raise capital from public. They have similar benefits to private limited liability company but they are able to raise capital from the public through issuance of shares. They are also subjected to strict regulations and very high compliance costs.

Public Company Limited by Guarantee

These companies are usually incorporated for the purpose of public good and non-profit purposes. Members are not required to have any paid-up capital in the company.

As the incorporation and compliance requirements of a Public Company are more complex than Private Limited Liability Company, we highly recommend you to engage our specialist for the incorporation of public companies. Contact Us